Grubby Sweetheart hold court as esteemed innovators of Seattle’s surprisingly uplifting sadcore and emo scene on their debut album goodbye, again. The tongue-in-cheek album name reflects the wit and self-awareness that runs rampant throughout the quartet’s album, which itself is composed of a majority of new tracks and some reworked crowd favorites. Out today and available for free download listen here or on Spotify, Bandcamp and other digital outlets.

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Grubby Sweetheart recorded goodbye, again in classic DIY fashion. Once you turn goodbye, again on you hear that true blue grit in the recording. It’s not grainy, it’s not obvious, but it has a sense of familiarity to it. Like listening to your favorite vinyl record – its crisp and feels like home. Composed of Darian Woller (guitar, vocals), Austin Weale (guitar, vocals), Eric Underwood (drums) and Kyle Peterson (bass), Grubby Sweetheart have been making music for the past year. It was during this time that they refined their sound, but made sure to keep the elements that woo fans every time. Listen to goodbye, again and see for yourself why emo never left.

“The record starts off with the song “bug boy;” it’s a short-quipped story setting the stage for the album. It [describes how you] may feel like no one is admiring you, sometimes always. But there they are, towering above you gawking. It’s those moments that push us to look for the answers we need to hear and Grubby Sweetheart leads us to those roads.” -DMM

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