Gracie Martin & The So Beautifuls new track ‘10%’ drips with both heartbreak and capitalism fatigue. Every word questions her place in the eyes of her lover; calculating her worth. As Gracie pines: “Are you racking up a big check just to leave me 10%?” She is not only asking the wealthy customer at her day job to tip 20% — Gracie is asking for a fair compensation for her emotional labor. Choosing her own world over a relationship that feels like a day job.

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“I was waiting tables and trying to get over my ex when I wrote this song. I was questioning every memory of our relationship and furious at how much emotional labor I put in to someone who didn’t value me. Being forced to question my value in someone’s eyes invited the language of capitalism into my most intimate self. Although I ask to be tipped fairly for emotional labor in the song, there’s a deep sadness underpinning the desire to put capitalist structures onto something so vulnerable.”