“Glass Etude” By Anna Goryacheva Takes The Music World By Storm

When Anna Goryacheva released her latest single “Glass Etude”, it represented a tremendous leap forward for the future classical piano icon, quickly reaching 100K streams as she prepares to take her career to a new level with her upcoming debut album. Her recent release is an instrumental track composed by Phillip Glass, one of the most influential composers in the United States and the modern music world, known for his minimalist compositions.

Working on the music by Phillip Glass was Anna‘s way of discovering a new style of piano music, and it is quite different from what her admirers are used to. Goryacheva made it her mission to spotlight the work of Philip Glass, as modern classical music deserves to be celebrated as much as traditional classical music and expand the performance repertoire written for piano. In her words, “Now that I’ve performed music of composers from the past and living ones, I have discovered how infinitely flexible the contemporary composers are and how open they are to exploring new paths in music. Once I discovered this work, I was amazed how it slowly escalates and envelopes you; it resonated with me immediately.”

Anna studied at the USC Thornton School of Music and was awarded a full scholarship for an Artist Diploma and Master’s degree. Born in USSR, she built her career from scratch and was able to break into the American market, capturing audiences and mesmerizing them with her performance skills.

As an internationally recognized, award-winning pianist, Anna Goryacheva has committed herself to motivating others. She is making a significant impact on the professional careers of music educators with the launching of the online community Piano Bloom. The inspiring platform is the first of its kind in the niche of classical music, which assists music educators and aspiring music coaches who aim to grow their business and confidence. Its primary mission is to motivate, support, and help ambitious music teachers to unleash their potential and transform their lives. Through Instagram, which currently has over 20K followers, Anna has welcomed a whole new audience into her musical world, sharing welcome practice and inspirational videos with tips and motivation for aspiring music teachers.


As if all that weren’t enough, Anna recently added “music entrepreneur” to her multi-hyphenate career by founding Elite Piano institute –  a piano school and educational project famous for training pianists in America and abroad. Elite Piano offers a vast range of instruction, including the highest level of piano lessons, producing international piano festivals and competitions, and organizing musical events, recitals, master classes, and music workshops.
Listed In 2021 by Brainz Magazine as one of 500 Companies and Influential Leaders recognized for their entrepreneurial success and achievements, Anna’s name appeared alongside many of the world’s biggest names, including Oprah Winfrey, Marisa Peer, and Mel Robbins, to mention a few.

With determination to succeed and stand out, Anna took her sphere by storm. She continues to make moves and build more worldwide recognition as an established woman, performing artist, and entrepreneur, helping young aspiring musicians achieve their musical dreams.

Listen to “Glass Etude”