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European artist GJan returns with her latest single “Confidence,” an empowering anthem for the underdog that welcomes a feeling of self-entitlement.

Written & produced by Greta Jančytė, Rokas Jansonas and John Antanas Sepetys, “Confidence” is a track that has a playful, yet unapologetic tone to it. GJan sounds best in this track when delivering lyrics like, “I’m going crazy in this cage you put me in, but I’m done, I’m done” where every listener, far and wide, will be able to relate to the lyrics.

When the chorus hits though, we’re offered a chance to feel exhilarated with the backdrop of lyrics that make for a very upbeat track. With lyrics like,“ Oh Baby, you can call me whatever you want/ Whatever you wish, but you’re never gonna strike my confidence/ cause I don’t give a damn about the things you say,” we get the feeling that GJan isn’t playing around anymore and means business.

“Usually my songs ideas come from my insecurities. It feels like I’m writing songs for my “inner self”. “Confidence” is one of those songs,” says GJan.

The lyric video compliments this track by offering an even bigger feeling of confidence to match up with the lyrical content. The video showcases the sense of being free and to dance like nobody’s watching, which is precisely what most listeners will feel like doing after they hear this track.

With a beat that mimics the sounds of Ed Sheeran’s opening electronic drum of “Shape of You” and a voice that could be compared to a young Shakira, especially with lyrics like, “ I’m not going to pretend, no more, no more,” GJan definitely plays to the popular trends within the music industry today.

Showcasing a much more internal struggle for the artist, who could be singing from personal experience with lyrics such as, “I was a kid who just wanted to fit in but no one was listening, so now I learned how to trust and love myself,” turn into a moment of intimacy for listeners. This more vulnerable moment in “Confidence” matches up with the burst of intimacy from GJan’s other singles such as “One More Drink” and “Now You.”

The carefree flame that powers “Confidence” could be the single that sends GJan’s career soaring as a self-empowering anthem for anyone in need of a pick me up.

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