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Gia Wood’s, “Jump The Fence,” will likely be popularly branded as fire, as a part of one of my favorite sorta new genres of music called Alternative Trap. On “Jump The Fence” (as well as all the music I’ve heard from Gia over the past few years), Gia sounds like she indeed means to be charismatic while soulfully savage. Warning: I’m sensing a bit of Amy Winehouse’s reinvented soul energy in this tune. 

Like lots of singers, Gia was born and raised in L.A., but her rise toward signing with Sony’s Red Music Division wasn’t at all typical. In fact, Gia would’ve likely never risen to the level she’s at now without the least bit of gumption from her family. In a Billboard interview, Gia relays to readers, that had certain early familial fans of her talents (ie. her mom & sis) not helped her move forward toward singing, she might not have ever met her manager.

Gia’s laced both ears and eyes with how lit she truly is via YouTube’s “Only A Girl” and “What I Like” videos which can also be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. She also duets with Matoma on the EP “Heart Won’t Forget,” and she even stays true to herself creatively on the EP amid her unwavering and ruggedly warm, yet welting sound. 

“Jump The Fence” is about relentless passion and has a romantic magic wielded from it. Lyrics like “Trippin’ over words that you said, talkin’ over voices in the back of my head…but I want you,” imply the volleyed mental stimulation, verses its opposing inner rhetoric, that often accompanies those who get charmingly caught up in the snares of a romance. Gia, like all true savages goes towards the roar, leaving rationale to be the bystander, as she replies in the chorus, “Imma Jump the Fence, and say ‘forget’ the rest,” (although she doesn’t say forget). She erupts like this throughout the entire song, even before the chorus builds up.

It’s not just because of the blatant balance of Gia’s departure from where she should be versus what she chooses to be amorously that makes “Jump The Fence” so freakin’ fetch. It’s because she’s put together a pretty impressive resume of songs and videos for a newcomer in the music game that makes your head irresistibly bounce to her new single. It’s who she is that really makes this single stand out sonically. She’s got undeniable heart and soul, and all true Alternative Trap fans (especially the more feminine ones) will detect it while appreciating “Jump The Fence”. To her family that pushed her to sing: thanks so very much. The predicted and emphatic explosion in the ears and the up-the-charts feeling of Gia Wood’s “Jump The Fence,” would’ve likely never occurred without a good hearted familial love-shove toward the stars.

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