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The cozying and calming within the consonances of Gatsby’s latest Alternative Pop & R&B Single release, “Twisted” is sure to give you that R&B, soul you’ve been looking for.

Of course, upon first glimpse of Align Music Group signee Gatsby, you organically ornate him with some sort of connection or perhaps even kinship to the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic, the Great Gatsby, and appellate to such acquaintances, there happens to be a few.

First, Gatsby hails from Louisville, Kentucky; such is the same place Fitzgerald drew inspiration from to textually score his famed American classic. Gatsby’s grandmother also performed as a big band singer in that very same town, as such proves to be completely conjoined with the calling of both his name and life as a performer to be Gatsby.

Gatsby’s been writing and producing for artists like Ben Rector, Conner Matthews, and others, while honing in on his own craft as a singer. He is heavily influenced by the R&B sounds of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Lauren Hill and Nat King Cole. If you listen to Gatsby, you’ll notice he has a bit of a pop feel like Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Jay-Z and more.

“Twisted” by Gatsby sounds as sacchariferous, subtle, yet soul-savvy as any of the new Pop or Alternative R&B Single releases you’ll hear this season. In lyrics, “First time that I realized you got me gripped. / Your waist, that face, that taste, laced on your lips…” and “It’s hard to admit it, but I just had to give it, / one touch is never enough, I’m addicted, / I’ve been hitting too much…” are sensually synchronized over palatably pensive guitar and piano strumming that position Gatsby’s “Twisted” pretty much perfectly.

“We wanted to create a production that reflected the lyric, so we tried our best to use space to create tension with a vocal that feels close and personal. I love how it turned out!” comments Gatsby.

As an artist who prides himself via his own words of “inviting a real perspective on love, relationships, and life,” Gatsby’s latest single, “Twisted” tilts the pleasantries of passion toward listeners, just enough to provocatively provoke and open your amorous palettes with a taste of the true essences of love in any relationship.

“I wrote “Twisted” with my good friend Brandon Day and we had this idea to try and capture that flirty, sexy feeling when you have chemistry with someone new,” says Gatsby.

It would be one thing if he kept the song so sappy that “Twisted” felt one sided, but he cleverly doesn’t. That, along with capturing the R&B sound on it (which comes from being a trill fan of it) a listener is likely to replay “Twisted” on repeat over and over again.

If you’re into Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran, give Gatsby’s latest release a try. Who would’ve thought that Gatsby could return? Well, he has, and this time it’s in a whole new way…

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