Pop singer and performer Frankie Zulferino released his debut solo album No Boundaries Saturday, October 5th—listen HERE (available on all streaming platforms, distributed by SLK Entertainment). From massive pop bangers to hauntingly beautiful ballads, No Boundaries features ten electrifying tracks written by Frankie and co-written/produced by Moxie Knox, Gabriel Gomes, Phillip Lewis, Joseph Martino, and Jess Hudak. His most personal release to date, Frankie infuses a number of genres into his new album, including pop, disco, R&B, and Motown. Inspired by full-fledged artists such as Janet Jackson and Bruno Mars, Frankie is a true performer, incorporating and highlighting dance and production into his live shows.

Listen to No Boundaries

The album features lead single Stuck on You, a captivating ballad written by Frankie and singer/songwriter Jared Lee and inspired by Frankie’s attempt to move on from a relationship but feeling frozen in the moment. 

On the inspiration behind No Boundaries Frankie shares, “My goal for this project was to take genres that influence me and create something that signifies who I am. I have always tried to minimize my creativity and sound because managers, agents, and lawyers told me I had to fit a certain mold. That I had to choose one lane because you can’t be an artist that doesn’t have one genre or a specific sound. What I learned over the years is by doing that I was never being true to myself and to who I really am.”