Jazzy and soft vocals mixed with contemporary electronic pop and a pinch of nostalgic trip-hop: this is Fran.

“Light” is the representation of everyone’s quest to find themselves. The constant need to search for the new and the fear of being vulnerable by letting go of the past are the key to the deeper content of this song.

Initially, the infinite loop of the chords sustaining the melody clashes with the sense of insecurity conveyed by the lyrics; but the energy and dynamics build up progressively, revealing the real meaning of this empowering journey from past to present, from weakness to strength, from girl to woman.

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After years of working as a session musician, Fran is turning her experience into a meticulous, introspective and authentic piece of original work.
Her music is a representation of a synesthetic world, where music turns into colours and shapes, revealing an inner world that exists beyond the lyrics.