Fox Fagen Releases New Melodic Track “Let’s Get Lost”

Fox Fagen Releases New Melodic Track “Let’s Get Lost”

“Let’s Get Lost” is a track from Fox Fagan, releasing on May 27th. The track unveils a thumping rock sound with both melodic infection and atmospheric intrigue, spanning from anthemic rock to synth-laden charm.

Melodic guitars and a perky, funk-tinged bass build to a contagious vocal push. “Let me take you to a place,” Fox invites amidst the pulsing percussion, joined gradually by playful synths, swift guitars, and hints of strings.

The track’s creative process was spontaneous and meditative. “I remember going and picking up this strat my bandmate Pelle Hillstrom had left behind,” Fox says. “I had some pedals set up and went straight into the amp that was already miced up. I just hit this chord and this rhythm and it just felt so satisfying and kind of meditative in a way. So I thought I’d better record it. Then I just didn’t stop.”

“Let’s Get Lost” follows up Fox’s previous single “Hot Streets of Hell,” drawing praise from Atwood Magazine, who wrote: “Few sounds on this planet can beat the sort of free-spirited harmonies Fagan treats us to time and again.”


Originally from Portsmouth, UK, Fox Fagan is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who lived in Melbourne, Australia before moving to Los Angeles.

Fagan is also a member of Teleskopes, the critically acclaimed Los Angeles-based “shoe-gazing space rock” group whose “expansive sound… abides the old saying ‘go big or go home.’” (Buzzbands LA.)

Released in October 2021, Fagan’s first self-produced solo single, “Gotta Get Out,” was a breakthrough moment, with eclectic forays into psych-rock, chamber-pop, and alternative. The track was featured on radio stations including Hawaii’s KMNO, and Amazing Radio.

Fagan toured Australia this March 2022 with multiple sold out shows, and continues to play shows in the US, with gigs booked in New York and LA. “Let’s Get Lost” is releasing via Foxtone Records.

Listen to “Let’s Get Lost”