Today, we are so excited to share the video for “Honey, Are You Broken”, the new single from East Bay songwriter and storyteller Fo Fera. With a decade of songwriting behind her, it’s only now that she has felt the courage to share her musical truth, having finally pushed aside feelings of imposter syndrome to assemble her debut album, pri·ma·ve·ra.

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We teamed up with the wonderful Jammerzine to release the video, whose Ryan Martin wrote that the song had brought a tear to his eye before he’d even heard her story.

“Poetry flows through my veins. It is my dream, my creative expression. My dream is to create, and to lift those who are feeling as low as I feel at the darkest hour. Music heals our wounds, it brings us together, it brings us joy, and is our safe place. I write from the dark places where my mind tries to escape and hide. It helps me grieve, and heal, as I grieve slower than most. I would like to create a safe space for everyone. Your own personal escape. Welcome to your escape.”


Fo Fera says, “Honey, Are You Broken was written over five years ago. For so long, this song was too painful to perform live. At the time this was written, I was trapped between four walls with an ex I could not escape, who was losing themself to a battle with substance abuse. I was in love with another, who revealed his true love was to another man. Despite all of my pain, my inability to cry, let alone express sadness was excruciating. The only way to get it out was to write. My fans have responded phenomenally to this song, as a love that is not reciprocated is a familiar feeling to all of us. We all love, and sometimes we all are lost in an idea of what that love can become. Unfortunately, sometimes it never makes it to that point.”