Written by AZRIL

Brutal and omnisciently open honesty, to the point that it’s almost haunting, mesmerizingly mesh with an at times stinging while saccharin-like sweet tone in a relentlessly seductive fashion. Sound like something worth checking out? Listen to the latest pop single, Undrunk” from FLETCHER, an open letter to a lover she’s trying to leave behind.

Though the 27 year old singer and songwriter FLETCHER was classically trained to sing at around age 5, it wasn’t until the age of 14 that she began writing songs. This New Jersey native, who professes that her parents weren’t in the entertainment industry, was contemporaneously conceded with a myriad of creative and educative instruction from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts to NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recording Arts. It was then that FLETCHER drove unswervingly into the lane of a professed artist; to all appearances she never looked back.

FLETCHER has since released an EP titled “Finding Fletcher” and about an EP’s worth of singles that include the widely streamed song and video “Wasted Youth”. FLETCHER’S music can be both streamed and viewed on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. 

FLETCHER’S latest Single release, “Undrunk” uncompromisingly delves into one of those grey areas of heartbreak, where the affair has ended while its angst meanders in a mode that feels undeniably unending. FLETCHER filters listeners through “Undrunk’s” elongated wish for what has either already happened or what she hopes still will with lyrics like, “I wish I could un-kiss the room full of strangers, / so I could un-spite you, un-lose my temper, / but somethings you can’t undo, and one of them’s you,” and “I’m afraid to turn the lights on, / I don’t want to face this rebound. / Is it weird if I come over?, I want to but I know that she’s around”. The lyrical standout out for me, which is also FLETCHER’S favorite is, “So I squeeze out the lime on the ice of my drink. / And the juice hits the cuts on my fingers, / It still doesn’t burn as much as the thought of you.” FLETCHER’S writing and vocals blend pretty much perfectly on “Undrunk” thanks to the production by Malay.

FLETCHER’s “Undrunk” bleeds with brilliance, and the more you listen to it, the longer you hope it goes. Before today, I’d never really listened to FLETCHER’s music. I, like many, had scantly heard or briefly seen Cari Fletcher on a short stint of X Factor; Simon Cowell said at the time that she was boring. Cut to now with over 19 million Spotify plays and over 1.3 million YouTube clicks before the release of “Undrunk,” and you can clearly see that “Undrunk” sobers us into the star that FLETCHER always was.

I’m a process type of thinker; always trust the process. That’s really where the magic is happening. It isn’t always pretty, and at times it actually can be demonstratively dark. The 4 to 1 year long fans of FLETCHER along with the brand news ones should be thankful that she sojourned on past her X factor dismay of about a decade ago. I can almost bet that her pain from then became at least a part of the beauty of her latest single, “Undrunk.”

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