Fia Nyxx To Obliterate The Rudimentary Pop-Music Formula With Sophomore Album, ‘Red Umbrella’

Fia Nyxx, our Hollywood glamster garnished with a rockstar twist, is releasing her sophomore album, Red Umbrella, on March 25, 2022. Throughout the album, Nyxx’s “provocative and impassioned lyricism,” embodies “the craft of storytelling at its height.”

Riding the coattails of her Telly Award Winning album Everything Girl, Red Umbrella connects the dots along a path less traveled, embracing strength through vulnerability, devine-femininity, spiritual awakening, sexual liberation and a love story to stand the test of time. Pulling back the veil birthed an evolved, honest body of work as authentic, daring, exhilarating and intimate as women themselves.

This pop-influenced album blends sophisticated rhythm and blues melodies and dynamic, sultry vocals with jazzy harmonics, infectious string synths and bouncy bass lines. Throughout Red Umbrella, Nyxx obliterates the rudimentary pop-music formula by creating a powerful sonic juxtaposition between sounds, lyrics and textures.

A veteran in the industry, Fia Nyxx has toured the U.S.and Asia, and recorded her first album Everything Girl at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL. under the musical direction of Will McFarlane (Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Bobby “Blue” Bland), Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Queen, Madonna) and features players from the iconic Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, ‘The Swampers.’ Nyxx has been featured on the back cover of Billboard Magazine, Buzz Music, Music and Fashion, We Write About Music , Sinusoidal Music, Elicit Magazine and many more.