Review by Jamie Glenn

Eva Rose returns with the release of her second single “Walk By,” an upbeat anthem cry for space from a situation.  With a balance of layered vocals throughout the track, the song is emotionally strong, but not overpowering.

The instrumentation in this track is motivated by electric heavy hitting sounds that really showcase the power of Eva’s vocal abilities. The electric guitar driven sound is nothing new for Eva though, her first single released earlier this year “Never Know That” packed the same punch for listeners with its clean cord loop and full band backdrop woven throughout the heart the song.

“‘Walk by’ embodies the frustration I felt when someone I had let go of couldn’t accept they were no longer welcome in my life,” says Eva.

The slow and calm start to “Walk By” adds a moment of clarity for listeners and really adds to the drum driven influences as the song progresses. Lyrical moments like “Don’t find a reason to say hi/ You see me on the street, don’t even try to make up for lost time./ Maybe it’s better if you just walk by,” is where the lyrical content and instrumentation really come together to create a built up song structure for listeners.

This style choice can give a bad vibe when it’s not done the right way, but Eva pulls it off perfectly. The complex track layering in “Walk By” shows that Eva is willing and able to take her creations to the next level, giving listeners a much more powerful listening experience and in turn a longer replay factor as the track ages.

This west coast Singer songwriter may draw influence from groups like “Paramore,” “The Killers” and “Weezer,” but she is the perfect balance of sugar and spice found from artists like Anna Nalick or Michelle Branch. Influences from Paramore’s record “After Laughter” with tracks like “Fake Happy” or “Forgiveness” really come through in Eva’s newest single.

Though Eva’s previous single “Never Knew That” comes from a very similar vein of musical influence, growth can be heard with this newest track with a stronger sense of emotion for listeners. In a culture who’s mainstream music scene doesn’t have much room for heartfelt heavy hitting tracks such as this one, Eva could be the start of a new wave of fiery, feel good pop that is missing at the moment.

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