Review by Jamie Glenn

With collaborations from Plan B, Wretch 32 and Labrinth, British singer-songwriter Etta Bond returns with “Surface” an unapologetically smooth new single that leaves us wondering how her soothing soul sound has even gotten past us! With past singles like “Addiction” and “Feels Like” in her discography, Etta Bond showcases her smooth soul sound with listeners around the world in this latest release.

“Surface” Ft. A2, has a steady R&B style beat and a drum driven backdrop laid throughout the duration of the track. Its Bond’s soulful love lyrics that truly make this piece even more relatable to the listener. Lyrics such as, “ You wanna tell me baby/ You can open up to me/ Baby you can open up to me/ Yeah you’re pretty/ But show me what’s beneath your Surface.” This personal lyricism offers listeners the chance to connect with Bond in a more humanizing way. Real and raw lyrics such as can really create waves in the industry when paired with a voice like Bond’s; Harmonizing, relatable and unique all at the same time.

The depth of this track is carried far beyond its instrumentation and lyrical content though. With “Surface” listeners are given many layers of vocals throughout the track. Such a task indicates that Bond took her time to make sure the song offered an in-depth sound and feel for listeners. This strive at perfectionism and dedication could carry Bond very far in the music industry as the years roll on.

With lyrics like, “I don’t know ya/ I don’t need to check the gram/ I’m the one who took the photo/ They want you as the man/ But they don’t even know ya/ Tell me all about your purpose,” could indicate that the subject driving this track is a love that’s unstable. The modern cultural references to social media platforms could be relatable for some listeners who could be experiencing much of the same, especially with love influenced lyrics like, “You’re like no one I’ve ever seen/ Frontpage, cover of a magazine/ But my mama told me/ Nothing ever as it seems.”

“Surface” showcases a very vulnerable side of Etta Bond. The sense of bravery and much more intimate storyline could make way for a swoon of new listeners as the news of this new single makes its way through the speakers of many.

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