Alternative pop singer/songwriter, Emma Zander, has released her new single and music video for, “America’s Favorite Tranquilizer.”

“‘America’s Favorite Tranquilizer’ is a bold, quirky anthem for the disillusioned,” shares Zander. “It’s a playful ode to the numbing devices — from social media to Xanax to candy — that get us through the day.”

The corresponding video, which marks Zander’s directorial debut, was filmed completely in quarantine using dollar store props. The clip playfully challenges the notion of “safer at home”, as Zander elaborates, “Are we really safe at home? Left to our devices? Alone with our vices? In some sense, we really are our own worst enemy and to be left alone with our thoughts for so long can be a disaster.”

Watch the official music video for “America’s Favorite Tranquilizer.”

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