Written By Kelly Holm 

Emma Sameth is a California girl through and through. Born and raised in LA, this promising singer-songwriter and Rolling Stones fan had ushered at the Hollywood Bowl and worked for Walt Disney Studios before perusing venues across the City of Angels for open mic opportunities. Soon enough, she booked her first performance at a coffee shop in Altadena.

“It was a small stage that just barely fit me and my guitar case, but the size felt just right,” Sameth recalls. “I had never shared my writing with anyone before, so it was like a breath of fresh air for me… I loved that each artist could bring something unique to the stage.”

Now, Sameth is fresh off the release of a new single, “Homesick.” Born out of a mixed bag of emotions, the track is sure to appeal to listeners who enjoy songs like Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High).” 

“I wrote [Homesick] away from home in NYC, so from a physical perspective I was already feeling a bit off-balance,” she says. “I’ve been moving around a lot recently as well, and have been generally questioning what I want for my future… which has led to excitement, but also a gnawing feeling of imbalance and anticipation that’s hard to shake.” 

Sameth asserts that “Homesick” represents a new direction for her production-wise. 

“There’s tons of shakes and explosions and anticipatory… pauses, which all add to the overall sentiment of the song,” she tells Elicit. “It’s totally an internal feeling, you could look perfectly normal to everyone else, but inside you’re going on your own personal anguish rollercoaster.” 

She assures that new music is always in the works, including an upcoming release called “Nobody.” 

“It speaks to some specific insecurities I’m going through at the moment, of worrying about losing myself in someone else’s identity,” Sameth says. 

With all the chaos that accompanies the never-ending quest for stardom, it’s important to stay grounded. As a former psychology major, Sameth seeks to understand the behavioral thought patterns behind the pursuit of success, monetary or otherwise. 

“One of the biggest current challenges I’ve been dealing with from a personal perspective is the reliance on social media that comes with self-promotion and getting your sound out there,” she says. “There is such a heavy reliance on outward appearances and hierarchical numbers… I know these material numbers and aspects of music are partly necessary in growing and improving your craft, but for me it’s taken on more of a negative quality than a constructive one, and affected the daily work I do of actually writing and creating. If my mind is overcome with anxiety and preoccupation with my ‘standings’ in the industry, at the end of the day I know my actual creative output will suffer.”

In 2020’s digital-focused world, it can be tough to remember that online acclaim is only one piece of the puzzle. Sameth frequently reminds herself of this. For up and coming musicians in the industry right now, Sameth’s best advice would be:

“Once you define what “making it” means to you, realize that the process is what gets you there, not some one-stop beautification cinderella shop that turns you into a star overnight. Your definition will always be evolving as a result of the experiences you have. Those experiences are the fun part, and my advice is don’t skip them, even though it seems easier!”

She sets comprehensive goals for herself, aspiring to collaborate with musicians like Jack Garratt and Stint, and is constantly crafting new melodies, both alone and with others. One day, she hopes to perform at the very Hollywood Bowl where she ushered as a youngster. 

“I’d like to keep honing the ability to appreciate my own process and intuition as an artist, regardless of material outcomes,” Sameth says. “…and [to] be able to take a step back and remember my reasons for loving music in the first place.”

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