Hauntingly Vivid Artist Elodie Rêverie Introduces Animated Adaption of Her Single “Golden Ghosts”

LA-based indie artist, Elodie Rêverie, released her haunting single “Golden Ghosts” right around Halloween. With minimalist production and an overlay of hauntingly sweet vocals, Elodie impresses with her use of words to manifest fantastical musical experiences and now she is ready to bring it to life in her new animated music video for “Golden Ghosts”.

Elodie Rêverie is never short of creative thinking and inspiration. When creating “Golden Ghosts” she galvanized the thematic feelings of “Hotel California”. But Elodie uses her signature songwriting to allow her fans to interpret their own meanings. Elodie than collaborated with visual artist Dido Nydick. Dido was able to interpret the lyrical meaning behind “Golden Ghost” creating a cinematic experience dripping in hues of gold and purple.

With this new single, she also moved away from the electro-pop elements that have been heard in her previous tracks, such as “Gold Rush”“Skeleton Castle”, and “Fire in the Desert”. Elodie instead creates a unique atmosphere with a haunting piano introduction – which she sampled from the Schubert piece Ständchen she admired as a child. The decision to approach the single with a pulled-back production style highlights her diversity as a producer. “Golden Ghost” is also the second single from Elodie that has been adapted into a music video – the first being her debut single “Rêverie.”

Watch to “Golden Ghosts”