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You’re in the car with your friends on the way to the house party, concert, club, or perhaps even the pub. You’re lit up even more than any other time in your life (that you can recall). What’s impassioned and preconceived about this particular night is that there is a song you’ve never heard before playing while you’re out, “Nights Like This” by EBEN. It’s not quite the song that starts the party, but it unequivocally deserves to be placed on a playlist that’s punctilious for such.

EBEN is like Justin Timberlake in a myriad of modalities besides his musical mood and texture in “Nights Like This”. He’s not from Memphis like Justin, as he hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. However, his start in music indeed generated rather early, and such succeeded him into the Top 25 of American Idol’s 11th season at the age of 15.

His American Idol journey opened his eyes to the music industry by way of his work with the boy band, ABT LST NT. Like Justin, EBEN was likely begrudgingly pulled apart from the group; In an interview with Man of the Hour, he supportingly deplored that by saying, “I didn’t [really] want the group to end.” Like Justin, things didn’t stop for EBEN at the pass of his boy band participation. In a way, that’s really when things sort of took off.

“Nights Like This”makes you want to move whether you’re on the dance floor, or not quite out of the car yet, you’ll without a doubt be feeling it. On the lyrical end, “Nights Like This” is synopsized through the first few lines that aurally enunciate, “Tomorrow, it ain’t ever promised. / We live for these moments / That always make me, / wish for more nights like this…” These lyrics help support the overall vibe of the song; live in the moment with the person that you’re with. When it comes to the production of “Nights Like This,” the song intertwines a heavy bass and electronic beat. EBEN’s sultry vocals give it that pop vibe that adds to the overall catchiness of the song.

“With ‘Nights Like This,’ I wanted to have fun. Living in LA, I have had some crazy, unforgettable nights with my friends and I wanted to put out a song that emulated our experiences,” says EBEN. “The response has been awesome and I’m excited everyone is loving it.”

“Nights Like This,” the latest Pop/R&B Single release from EBEN still sounds organically like EBEN versus an attempt to sound like either of the Justins, Austin Mahone, and the other male artists who are successfully, and in my eyes positively, refracting the sonic-waves of the late 90’s and early 2000’s Pop, R&B, and Dance fusions. You gotta tip your hat off to this guy. Despite the ups and downs of the business, he never stopped, and if you listen to his other tracks, you seem to hear more of him innately progress through it. Still, if you’re like me, always down for a turnt night out, check out EBEN’s “Nights Like This.”

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