Dylan Owen

Dylan Owen

Originally from Orange County, NY, Dylan Owen is in the midst of making an unforgettable mark in music. His latest EP There’s More To Life, is an 8-song anthem dedicated to the revelation of what it’s like to face the brink of adulthood.

Dylan’s latest EP has been in the works for the past three years. “It’s my child,” Dylan says, “I tried to dig into who I am.” Dylan mentions how amazing it has been to finally share the EP with everyone, “To uplift or inspire anyone would be incredible,” he comments.

The name of the EP actually came from the title song There’s More To Life. “(It) ended up becoming the whole storyline,” Dylan says, “The theme felt right.” He goes on to say that he wanted more of an explanation to what he was feeling, how things transpired into adulthood, and what he took away from his experiences. “I think a lot of people (feel]) this way around our age, because it’s such a transitional time both in society and in personal development.”

His favorite songs off of the EP (as of right now) are The Best Fears of Our Lives and Land of the Brave. “I’m proud of how we pushed the boundaries on these in terms of sound and genre,” Dylan continues, “They feel so nostalgic and personal to me because of the crazy amount of work that went into each of them.”


When asked what his ultimate goal is as a musician, Dylan tells us that he wouldn’t be able to truly recognize it until he could look back and see how great things have been. “I already feel that sort of happiness when people connect with my songs and this is just the beginning of my music.”

The most impacting moment in Dylan’s career thus far has been his trip to Colorado, where he was asked to give the commencement speech to the graduating seniors of Durango High School. “That was a total honor,” he says, “Loved the adventure.” For Dylan, the request was another reason to keep doing what he’s doing. “Proceed as if success is inevitable,” he says, a quote that has inspired him along the way.

Dylan is currently planning a tour and will announce the dates via his website’s event page. “I want to visit as many cities and towns in the states as possible on this first tour,” he says, “I want to see everywhere and shake everyone’s hand.”

Be sure to check out Dylan’s latest EP There’s More To Life here!

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