Written by Ashley Friedman

Today we’re pumped to premiere the latest single from Drew Scott, “Take Me When You Go,” an infectious R&B-Pop track from forthcoming album “May We Never Remember.”

It has a smooth piano interlude before the bass drops, almost like in Khalid’s “Better.” Drew Scott’s voice enters, a throwback to the vocals of Usher back in his glory days, hitting the high notes for days, but bringing it back down to that soulful R&B vibe that has the ability to keep people drawn in.

When it comes to Drew’s production process, you’ll typically find him settled in at the piano. “I feel like it’s raw and doesn’t box me in a typical 8-bar loop.  I can get out of my own way and just let the energy of the day flow through my fingertips,” he comments. “With #TMWYG I started playing the intro that you hear and the song began to write itself.  The chorus came within maybe 5-10 minutes of me playing around with chords. I produce in Logic and love creating custom sounds.” He continues, “I found a piano and harp sounding synth, took the high end out and added an Autofilter to give it a warped sound. Once I programmed the drums, the rest was history.”

If you don’t know who Drew Scott is yet, you will. The 2x Grammy nominated producer/singer-songwriter has worked with the likes of Zendaya, Nick Jonas, Jake Miller and more! He also recently signed with AWAL to release not only this track, but also his forthcoming album. He’s an up and coming solo artist with a lot of talent that has been hidden under wraps. It’s only a matter of time before he hits the top of the charts.

As for what Drew wants fans to take away from “Tell Me When To Go,” he mentions the idea of social media and how people turn to it to tear down those around them. “We live in a day and age where pride often comes before love… I want people to put their pride aside and know that it’s okay to say ‘I need you,'” Drew comments. This song puts forth the idea of, “You need me,” says Drew, “And I’m not leaving your side until we figure this out, no matter how long it takes!”

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