Review by Ashley Friedman

With a JT FutureSex LoveSounds vibe meets the vocal mastery of the great Prince, Drea Rose, formerly known as Drea Delacruz, amazes us once again with her latest single, “Intuition.”

Immediately we’re hit with a compelling, but simplistic beat. With two keyboard chords that play as the background for the piece using a synth effect, a consistent drum + cymbal beat following alongside and a few appearances by the guitar, this song is definitely not short of instrumentals.

“I had the opportunity to make this tune with Jesse Barrera and Tim Atlas! Jesse and I played around with this vibe and he found this cool synth when I got on the keys,” says Drea. “[The] chords came naturally and we brought Tim Atlas on to help write the song.”

This is a different sound than what we’ve heard from Drea in the past. Still soulful, Drea gives us full-view of her sultry falsetto voice. As we said, very Prince-like high-pitches vocals, giving the song a very light feel. But don’t be fooled — the lyrics go a lot deeper than just words put to a song.

The track touches on sexual curiosity. As a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community, Drea tells us, “The song is about my experience dating a girl who’s never dated girls before. There was an intense attraction between us that she’d somewhat deny because she felt it was wrong in a way.” The lyrics, “You are undercover, looking for a secret lover” and “You’re lost in curiosity, the uncertainty” help reiterate the idea just to feel, rather than think about how to feel.

The chorus is the strongest part of the song lyrically, mainly because it expands on the entire idea of “Intuition.” With lyrics like, “Intuition’s something new, don’t tell what you’re gonna’ do” and “I’m asking for permission to proceed” expands on the idea once again to just go for a feeling, rather than second-guessing it. “The guys channeled my emotions so well, the writing came naturally,” comments Drea.

After moving to LA to pursue her passion and re-branding from Drea Delacruz to Drea Rose, the soulful singer tells us, “I realized I don’t come close to looking like the biggest pop stars in music… I think it’s important for people to know, you don’t have to be something else to put yourself out there to do what you love and aspire to find success in entertainment.” Drea continues with, “My goal is to inspire girls who can identify with me, who look like me and have the confidence to be who they want to be.” We think Drea’s latest single “Intuition” does just that! As for new music, a single or two may be on its way sooner than you think! Follow Drea below to stay updated on what’s happening!

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