Drax Project release debut album “Drax Project”

Drax Project release debut album “Drax Project”

Today New Zealand’s own Drax Project release their hotly anticipated, self-titled album, Drax Project. The debut album comes in the wake of countless successes and support from various musicians and personalities such as Christina Aguilera, Ed Sheeran, Hailee Steinfeld, Liza Koshy and more. Featuring music for every listener, the Kiwi quartet’s new record boldly showcases their eclectic influences from jazz to R&B to pop. Touching on themes such as love and lust, life on the road, trust and heartbreak, Drax Project’s stirring lyricism demonstrates not only their innovative talent but ability to unite a global audience in intimate shared experiences. 


From “Natural Selection,” where a solo sax arpeggio dances seductively with an 808 beat, to “Prefer,” which playfully toys with a laid back, acoustic R&B vibe, Drax Project’s clever melodies employ relatable lyrics that lead you on a tour of earworm after earworm. 

This song, in a way, reflects who we are as people and what being from New Zealand is like,” explains the foursome of “Prefer.” “We’re quite easy-going and the song is about going with the flow and being content with doing whatever someone else wants to do,” they expand.


Whether it be cultural differences or attraction, such as “Smart Love” that comments on the idea of being attracted to someone’s intelligence, the album takes listeners on a journey through the lenses of the New Zealand group.  Lead single off of the album “Catching Feelings” enlists quadruple platinum New Zealand artist SIX60 and featured their first ever fan video HERE.

“Only Us” exudes a bouncy, contagious energy that matches “loving someone to the point where you don’t want to share them with anyone” and “Holiday” deals with the conflicting emotion of life on the road, missing family and friends yet understanding that it’s for better in the long run.
Shaan’s crystal clear vocals with a hypnotic lower register and soaring falsetto are exemplified prominently on every track, with sharp, yet delicate production that blends classic sensibilities with a modern, shimmery touch. 

Tying the 11 track album together is the art that was created after an 8 hour shoot in their swimming pool in Los Angeles. Featuring the four band members floating underwater in the pool, the artwork highlights the bright and summery vibe that Drax Project’s music possesses, as well as the fact that the band is on a journey to somewhere bright.