Douglas Riley Releases Playful New Video for His Honky Tonk Anthem “Home Bar”

Country artist Douglas Riley releases music video for latest single “Home Bar.” The music video for Douglas Riley’s latest single is a fun and light-hearted companion to an already great song.

We are met with scenes of Riley and his band rocking out on the stage of their “home bar,” interspersed with shots of people having fun together. Playing pool and sword fighting with the cues is just one of the many amusing scenes from this playful music video, and it definitely makes it all the more memorable.

Low lighting and dancing crowds also contribute to how this video makes the song come to life, as it really feels like a close hangout at everyone’s favorite bar.

Overall, this music video is a great accompaniment to “Home Bar,” and definitely compels the viewer to find a home bar of their own.


“I wanted to create a video that represents my vision for what a ‘Home Bar’ is like. I got to have a bunch of my friends in the video, so it was a blast shooting the music video for ‘Home Bar!’” -Douglas Riley

Watch the Music Video