Don Chambers announces his forthcoming album Love of Oblivion and releases the first single “Your Lovers” – PRESS HERE to listen to the track.

Produced by Kevin Lane (Jack Logan, The Arcs, The Possibilities) & Don Chambers
and recorded at Fast Lane Studio in Athens, Georgia, Love of Oblivion (self-released through Plymouth Music) is available today for pre-sale on all digital services and directly through the band’s online store ( The new single “Your Lovers” is available now. All pre-orders of the album will receive the song for immediate download. In addition to the digital version, a limited edition CD album will also become available for pre-order on the official website.

Don Chambers’ 10th full-length recording, Love of Oblivion was written and recorded over the past two years. This collaborative full band release features Matt ‘Pistol’ Stoessel (South San Gabriel, Cracker) on guitar, Jay Gonzales (Drive-By Truckers) on keys, Eric Harris (Olivia Tremor Control) on bass and keys; and Chuck Bradburn (Southern Bitch) on bass, joining Chambers and drummer John Barner as well as sisters Sayward Evans and Jackie Roberts making their recording debut with the band on harmony vocals.

Love of Oblivion departs from the cinematic noise of 2014’s Disquietude. The album ranges from the heavy “Noise of Water” to the melodic “Same Dream.” A stream of consciousness lyrics roll up against Stones riffs on the lead single “Your Lovers,” while Gonzales’ piano features prominently on the John Carpenter-esque “Children are Listening” and romantic ballad “The Last Thursday.” The band moves effortlessly through styles and genres to the grueling gospel closer “Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll.” Chambers says “this record takes you through love, heartbreak, longing and wanting to give up. It’s stark and bold and it stands alone. I like records that feel like a journey and I picture this one ending in winter on a deserted beach with foam from the waves rolling in.”

Chambers is also a visual artist and the Love of Oblivion artwork features watercolor and rust paintings he has been creating while making the record. “Some are landscapes – views from overhead and underground. They are like little weather fronts in which actions and reactions take place. The paintings allow accidents and are similar to my songwriting process. It is a matter of exercising some input, letting the song or painting go its own way and trying not to control it

too much. I feel like they aren’t so much created by me as that I was around while they happened – I like that distance.” Limited edition prints from the series will be available at shows and online.

Don Chambers also announced live dates beginning with the record release party on May 19th with more to follow through the Fall of 2018. Pre-sale for tickets to the Love of Oblivion release party at the Georgia Theatre in Athens are available now – PRESS HERE for more information.

Live Dates:

  • May 19 – Athens, GA @ The Georgia Theatre
  • June 22 – Athens, GA @ Athfest at the Caledonia

More dates to be announced

Track Listing:

  • 1. Noise of Water 3:44
  • 2. Same Dream 2:10
  • 3. Children are Listening 3:35
  • 4. Your Lovers 3:52
  • 5. Lift the Stone 3:12
  • 6. Born to be Yours 4:11
  • 7. Listen to Me 5:01
  • 8. Our First Honeymoon 3:46
  • 9. Won’t You Come Out Tonight 4:29
  • 10. The Last Thursday 3:49
  • 11. Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll 10:09