Written by Ashley Friedman

Today we are so happy to premiere the latest single from Deza, “Pout.” This is Deza’s first single coming out of her move to Los Angeles and accepting a co-publishing deal with Prescription Songs and Emily Warren.

Have you ever had one of those days that despite being grateful and happy about where you are and how things are panning out, you just, you have a bad day?

“Pout” is an anthem for anyone looking to embrace and have fun with the idea that we have bad days and that’s okay.

“I think Pout captures the strange upsetness we’re all feeling in a unique way. I’ve always loved sad lyrics on a catchy beat. The contrast feels really appropriate for the nightmare that 2020 has been for most of us,” says Deza.

“Cut off all my hair cause’ I don’t like endings / Tried to talk to God but I think he’s busy, do you think that he misses me?”

The singer’s lyrics have a bit of sass to them, but it fits with the title. The song is a major “Pout” moment for anyone looking to focus in on the negative for a hot second and just let it all out through song.

“Pout is 2:12 of you being able to do exactly that: pout. Not all songs have to make you dance. Not every emotion is going to be absolute bliss. In these times especially, how can we tend to ourselves in a more thoughtful way?,” Deza comments. “What would happen if we could all feel our negative emotions in a healthy way? How much more would we get out of the human experience? I think asking questions like this can be super productive to taking care of ourselves, mentally and spiritually.”

“I don’t want to dance right now / think I’m gonna cry it out.”

An electronic beat paired with subtle handclaps gives this song a fun pop vibe. It’s a playful productive, built behind lyrics made up of pensive sadness.

Like Deza’s most recent single, “June,” this latest piece was created around the globe once Deza initiated production and writing on her own.

“[I] bounced out stems to the ridiculously talented producer, Alton Sato, in Tokyo. He took it to where it is now, creating that masterful vocal chop that’s just so addictive,” she says. “Then, Philip Handeland, from Norway, another incredible producer, mixed and mastered the whole thing!”

Nearing the end of her study at LIMPI in Norway, “Pout” took the singer-songwriter about a week to come up with.

“…I was on this mental spiral of really, just pure panic… I had a mentor listen through my music, and (with all good intentions) say I didn’t have a hit yet… I was [very mad] in the moment, but I’m glad he said that because it made for a pretty great chorus line,” comments Deza.

It was in Norway that Deza had the opportunity to present music to Emily Warren, a mentor at LIMPI, Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries. 

“Emily is such a powerhouse writer,” Deza comments. “I’ve admired her work for years, and I knew when she came along, I had to write something really powerful to catch her attention. I ended up writing a ballad that’s insanely special to me, one about my Norwegian boy & a trip we had planned for Paris that got canceled because of COVID. I was wrestling with great grief and a lot of fear. The song was crafted super carefully and intentionally, and when Emily really resonated with it, she reached out to me. I sent her more of my songs, we talked, and the rest is history!”

Get an exclusive first listen to Deza’s “Pout” below before its official release!

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