Deuce & Charger

“Deuce and Charger” may ring a bell for all you comic fans out there, but for those of you who don’t follow the comic crowd, “Deuce and Charger” are two members of the super villain group The Fearsome Five out of Superman. On behalf of Elicit, we can honestly say, this band is far from being a super-villain. “We like the idea of people coming together to create something bigger than what they can achieve individually,” they tells us, “ and world domination of course!” World domination within the music industry they mean, not actual world domination.

Recently the band has been causing quite a stir on the Internet with their latest single, “Always Broke,” which has not been officially released. The most recent remix of the song has gained over 100,000 plays in just over a month! Pretty good we’d say for it not even being released. “We’re just building anticipation [because] we have loads of other tracks we’re all excited about!”

Fans of the song “Always Broke” were recently asked by the band to send in submissions (pictures, videos) to appear in the music video! “We’ve had submissions from all over the world including Italy, Brazil and Serbia.” The video will be unveiled come April.

In May, the band plans to release another track from their debut EP. The EP, set to release late Summer, will feature remixes of both songs as well as new songs that are top secret for now! Deuce and Charger tells us, “We’re also hoping to do a few live-lounge style sessions followed by the EP with new tracks and remixes at the end of the summer.”


Although the band has not submitted their music to any record labels, they commented on the subject saying, “We’ll find the right people to work with when the time is right.” In the meantime, Deuce and Charger hopes that their amazing fan base will bring them one step closer to touring the world with their extended family of vocalists, rappers and other collaborators. In the words of Curtis Mayfield, “keep on keeping on!”