Singer/Songwriter Denae’s newest project is a dark and highly personal look into the realities of revenge, suicide, depression, and the anxiety of a world gone mad. Her first solo release, “Last Night” is a brutally honest yet hauntingly beautiful story of love and revenge.

Tayler Denae has had considerable success in her other projects, Shui & Denae and Gioto, writing vocals for notable producers Mitis, Bronze Whale, Nurko and Covex, reaching over 4 Million Spotify streams cumulatively.

“This first song is really a tribute to how it all started, I was in a really dark place, mad at an ex and wanting revenge,” Denae comments. “My goal is to go uncensored, sing about things not normally talked about, basically saying f&$@ it and writing what feels right, I’m hoping it will sit with and help others as well.”

“Last Night” showcases Denae’s seductive vocals, refreshing take on lyrics, and lush production skills. It bends the line between singer/songwriter, EDM and rap. Moody Pizzicato strings, experimental vocal riffs, and a hard-hitting beat paired with seductive lead synths and rap verses give “Last Night” a fresh and personal sound.


Blending Pop, Electronic, Rap, and Singer/Songwriter, drawing influences from artists like blackbear, Bulow, Elohim, Call me Karizma, Machine Gun Kelly, and Yungblud.

Though the launch of the Denae project is a new start, Tayler Denae is not new to the music scene, opening for acts like Christian French and Elohim. “Last Night” is the first of several singles scheduled to be released through 2021, it’s going to be one hell of a ride with both ups (DI) and downs (NÉ).

With some songs touching upon subjects that can be triggering, listener/viewer discretion is advised.

“Last Night” can be found on all platforms today!