Review by Giovanna Citro

Decatur, an alternative rock band to watch from Denver, Colorado, has just released a catchy and notable new single “Shake.”

“Shake” begins with a bass and guitar that gently leads the listener into the heart of the song. Sean Decrescenzo, the lead singer, has such a magnetic voice that attracts you to the track as soon as you hear him sing. The instrumentals along with the deep vocals make the song even more compelling. The guitar brings to light a rock vibe that is upbeat and engaging.

Sean sings the lyrics in a way that forces the listener to feel rather than just listen to the song. He sings “I know that I might break/ What’s left of the lump in your chest someday?/ I can feel you shake/ I don’t wanna break your heart.” The lyrics are both compelling and powerful and immediately attracts the listener. He says, “This isn’t the right time/ right place/ to tell me what’s a good place to start,” which pulls on the heartstrings of the listener. You can feel a connection to this song because of the innocence of the lyrics and the deep meaning behind them and that in and of itself is a true selling point.

“’Shake’ is initially about insecurity and the shyness that comes with a new romance,” said DeCrescenzo.  “Even beyond these vulnerable moments, I wanted to touch on self-doubt as a whole and how it affects us in day-to-day life.”

Inspired by the likes of Kings of Leon and Imagine Dragons, Decatur makes it a point to mix in a unique guitar rock feel while not being overly powerful with their sounds in “Shake.”

In an interview with AXS, Decatur makes a point to mention their originality and true-to-self mindset. “…We also try to avoid settling for what works and instead look for something awesome or cool sounding,” they tell AXS.

With a unique, rock sound that flows effortlessly with Sean’s vocals, “Shake” is definitely a song that balances a fresh and original take on alternative rock.

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