LA-based artist, Danny Zee, excited to release his new single “Blue Butterfly”, out today. Conveying the longing of an old love, “Blue Butterfly” combines elements of R&B and soul. The single is the title track off his upcoming debut album, Blue Butterfly, set for release on January 2020.

Listen to the single here

“Blue Butterfly” introduces Danny Zee a vulnerable lyricist and hypnotic composer. Inspired by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and John Mayer, Danny follows the flow of Neo-Soul music, with a slow tempo beat and dreamy vocals that overlay the instrumental. He wraps up the track with a blues guitar solo to symbolize the longing love story described in the lyrics.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind his new single, Danny Zee opens up, “‘Blue butterfly’ was an emoji-symbol of love in my last relationship. It was that one emoji she would send to me to let me know everything will be alright, and vice versa. It became our ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’, ‘I’m here for you’. It was OUR thing. We would always say to each other, ‘you’re my blue butterfly’, which is why I included it as the exact lyric in the song. But as a butterfly is meant to fly out of its cocoon, so did we. And we are no more together, and hence, the longing and yearning for her gave birth to this track.”

The single is the first off Danny Zee’s upcoming album of the same name. Comprised of 8 original tracks, written over a 6-month period, the entirety of the album was written, composed, and produced by Danny in complete isolation and lockdown. The journey of the record was to document his progression from the dark to the light. Each track documents a moment on this path that has led Danny Zee to reach his full artistic expressions, such as heartbreak, abandonment, solitude, and acceptance.

Today, Danny Zee is looking to move forward as an artist and pursue music that feels more authentic to him. With his new single “Blue Butterfly”, Danny introduces himself to the US audiences as a vulnerable songwriter and new R&B artist. Be sure to check out the single from Danny Zee’s debut album, Blue Butterfly, out on January 2020