He’s a younger version of Mac Miller, and our first confirmed artist to appear in Elicit Magazine. “I received his submission, checked out his links, and immediately told my staff to send him an email regarding an interview,” said Ashley, editor at Elicit.

His name is Danny Padgett, a resident of New Jersey, and a student at Rutgers University. Dan mentions that his passion for music (ironically) started when he was watching Mac Miller’s, “Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza,” music video. “Mac Miller looked like one of us,” Dan says, “…and it was crazy to me.It just hit me watching the video how realistic it was [to start as an artist] and the low-production involved.” With the support of his friends and family, Dan started to promote his music via Social Media, starting with YouTube. “I was sitting in my room and I was like, damn, I really gotta put dope videos out soon,” he tells us.

When we looked at Danny’s videos we were surprised not only at the amount of talent he had vocally, but his video production skills as well. With the help of a video director, Danny has managed to produce what we’d consider MTV ready material. His most recent video, “Coast to Coast,” was just released at the end of February, and within the first three days had over 1,000 views.
Shortly after, he released his new EP called “1126.” It has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from both new and old fans, and to us, has the ability to make it onto the charts. “I have a dope online following and my fan base is so loyals,” Danny tells us. He goes on to explain that booking shows hasn’t been a priority, but now that his EP is out, he tells us, “I finally have the material to rock a crowd for real, I need to get my show-act together.”

In years to come, Danny wants to “touch people’s lives, make his Mom and Dad proud, travel the world, sell out venues,” he says, all while maintaining his friendships with those that have been there since day one.


“You have to stay hungry,” he tells Elicit, “there’s too many artist trying to make it these days to take a day off.”

Danny performs his live first show on April 4th at Washington Theatre in New Jersey. He will be promoting his music along side some of the greats, and carrying with him his own legacy in-the-making.