Written By Kelly Holm

If you’re a fan of chanteuses like Adele or Amy Winehouse, singer-songwriter Danielle Juhre may also be up your alley. Her first-ever single, the bluesy, neo-soul “Does She Know?” brings to mind Duffy’s “Mercy,” and its music video boasts a similar vintage aesthetic. Although Juhre’s longtime dream is to perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall, she is not British. From her voice, it is easy to mistake her for being from across the pond, but she’s, in fact, a native of Chicago. 

Danielle got her start drumming and singing along to My Chemical Romance’s “Teenagers,” at a battle of the bands’ competition when she was in middle school. You can’t help but wonder if, being about 13, she swapped the word “shit” out for “crap.” But, her fearlessness to take on a wide plethora of genres and mediums of music, at such a young age, only proves her drive to ‘work until you no longer have to introduce yourself’; a quote that inspires Juhre everyday.

“I still remember being so incredibly nervous and excited to get on stage. Looking back on this performance, I can’t help but laugh and be thankful for how far I’ve come,” she says. 

She also admires John Mayer and Alicia Keys, and even performed “If I Ain’t Got You” to a standing ovation at a Berklee College of Music talent show as a freshman. 

“I was exactly where I was meant to be,” she said. “I just want to inspire the ones that have inspired me.” 

And she gets closer to achieving that goal every day. She’s fulfilled a longtime dream of performing at Summerfest, and next month, she’s slated to drop an EP. On the upcoming EP is the single “Take it Slow,” which she describes as a musical representation of a major life milestone. 

The song also features many of Juhre’s favorite musicians and producers, such as Darius Scott, Richard Saunders and Mason Bonner, the tune’s inspiration is not exactly hush-hush. 

“This song was created during my second semester at Berklee College of Music and [was] written about my piano player at the time,” she admits. “I had written this song about him while he had been in front of me, knowing that I would never see him again… every line was written in the moment and to this day I can still feel every word.” 

Based on this, you can tell Juhre certainly wears her heart on her sleeve. She eschews seeing fellow musicians as her competition, telling herself that “everyone was once an amateur” and likes to write personal letters to her bandmates reminding them of their talent and how grateful she is for them.

“I have wanted nothing more than to make the audience feel happier about themselves and more comfortable in their own skin when they leave a show or listen to my music,” Juhre said. But, what would make Juhre even more ecstatic is having her parents in the audience of every show to help celebrate her success.

When it comes to her upcoming tunes, Danielle tells Elicit she has been working with an incredible writing partner in Chicago, whom she considers her best friend. Together, the two of them have been crafting plenty of sick beats over the last couple of months. 

“I come into every session with an open heart and an open mind and write exactly what I’m feeling,” Juhre says. “…that vulnerability is what allows me to write so quickly and efficiently.” 

However, she knows to take things in stride. “Worry about the longevity of your career rather than what’s going to make you an overnight success,” she advises. “Good things take time, and rushing yourself through anything in this industry can only lead you to missing opportunities that you could have had if you would have been patient… Remaining optimistic through the lows and grounded and humble through the highs is so important.” 

Be sure to check out Elicit Magazine’s premiere of Danielle’s upcoming single “Take It Slow” on September 27th! 

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