Innovative South African producer, artist, and songwriter Cubbi has released his anticipated debut EP ‘nothingspecial.’ The 6-track EP includes 4 previous singles, “Rippling,” “GTFO,” “Buzzkill” & “White Lies Like Flies,” as well as two previously unheard tracks: “Lose A Love” & “Fall Out Boy.”

Cubbi is a master of combining textured melodies with fresh, inventive beats. His sound is a fresh take on electronic music, drawing influences from across genre lines. The ‘nothingspecial‘ EP is an exquisite introduction to Cubbi as he allows listeners to step inside his psyche.

Throughout the EP Cubbi documents the past few years of his life – the good, the bad and the ugly. He calls this EP a “modern reflection on interpersonal relationships” and plunges into heart-wrenching topics such as sexual identity, broken relationships, addiction, and mental illness. His electro-flavored beats layered with emotive lyricism offers a raw and intimate look into life that many may find refuge in.

Listen Here.