Veteran Canadian musician Cory M. Coons has been perfecting his brand of roots-based melodic rock for the past 30 years. A former member of many-a-touring band, Coons has traveled across North America, honing his craft and adding to the memory bank that he culls to create his lyrically adept songs. All the while, Coons has managed to rack up several industry awards, while earning the respect of his musician peers…several of which appear on his latest single and EP.

On June 29, 2020, Cory M. Coons released his new single, “Good Times Gone,” a retrospective and nostalgic look at better days. The track is taken from his July 6th EP release, 33.3 (MTS Records.)

The single features Coons’ friends Chris Golden (son of Oak Ridge Boy William Golden) on mandolin and former Jars of Clay member, Scott Savage (drums and percussion.) Joining the team at Two Cats Music in Nashville is Coons’ longtime collaborator, Marc D. Muir on lead guitar and studio owner Ben Travis on bass and Hammond organ.

Coons explains the song: “I like to think the overall vibe of this song touches on our current times and state of being. Yet, also reflecting on better days gone by, while awakening our human spirit inside to a ‘re-birth’ of life and new beginnings… A real sense of ‘Quality of life vs. Quantity,’ and the true honesty we should try to portray while staying in touch with ourselves and being grounded.”

Watch the video for “Good Times Gone.”