“Backup Guy” from Corduroy. is a Vibrant Reflection on Love Lost

Corduroy. releases “Backup Guy” on September 30th. The vibrant and pensive single is the second of four tracks from their third EP, Half-Time Oranges, which is releasing on December 9th.

Using lyrical Dissonance, “Backup Guy” puts an upbeat and catchy spin on past relationship woes. Reflecting on the pitfalls of a troubled relationship, Backup Guy encapsulates the difficulty of letting go of someone once an integral part of your life.

The lyrical content has no malice in it, instead looking back on the difficulties of removing yourself from a situation where you are giving it everything, and not getting anything back. The song uses lyrical dissonance to put a very upbeat, cheerful spin on relationship woes.

“I think this song really epitomizes the upcoming EP. Turning our relationship woes into upbeat dance tracks seems to be a recurring theme over the past year! This track is one we relate to strongly as a band, and we can’t wait for people to hear it.” says vocalist and guitarist, Will Cole.


While Half-Time Oranges is diverse in musical influences and lyrical content, the tracks are linked to each other through themes of severance, relationships, self improvement, and liberation.

Corduroy. is a six member Wellington band composed of Hannah Flacks (vocals), Will Cole (vocals and guitar), Riley Barrett (bass), Simon Kenrick (vocals and keys), Jacob Gasser (sax), and Rafe Swan (drums).

Their music is an energetic blend of retro and contemporary with a playful pairing of indie-pop, funk, and disco. Over the past few years, Corduroy. has released seven singles, two EP’s, and embarked on three New Zealand tours encompassing multiple sold out shows.