Review by Giovanna Citro

Coldway, a rap/hip-hop artist from Memphis, Tennessee recently released his latest self-produced single “Money”. The track brings to our attention the ups and downs of superstardom from Coldway’s point of view, putting the listener in his shoes.

“Money” begins with an arrangement of faint piano instrumentals that establish a strong beat which grabs the attention of the listener before the vocals begin. Coldway’s vocal quality is confident and consistent as he vividly arranges the lyrics. The prominent beat sets the tone of the song which then flows into the lyrics.
Although the melody is not complex, it is incredibly tuneful which makes it a track that is easy to remember. Throughout the song, Coldway consistently fills the verses with low-pitched vocals that are confident and strong. His rich tone and unfailing quality keep the listener on their toes.

Coldway’s lyrics flow flawlessly over a strong beat that is persistent throughout the song. He gives us a glimpse into his life with the lyrics, “Straight crack all you need is a needle/but really I just want the money.” This is telling us that even though he may have a wide range of opportunities to use his money for negative things, he feels strongly about becoming successful. In a world full of superstars who go down the wrong path, he brings us a sense of inspiration by his insistence to become more and more prosperous. The line “I just bought a Honda but I could’ve bought a Jag” tells the listener that despite the amount of money he has (or will have) he is staying humble.

Coldway comments on the song by saying, “This is that ‘flex on em with whatever you have’ music. I want people to remember that it’s ok not to be rich, it’s ok not to have the best ride, but always be proud of the things you earned.”


The outro gradually leads the listener out of the song. It is a tentative way to wrap up a song, leaving the listener wanting more. Overall, the track consists of strong vocals, rich lyrics, and an attention-grabbing arrangement of instrumentals. “Money” has a rich beat and consistent vocals that will do not fail to engage the listener.

“Money” has verses filled with strong wordplay, a flawless arrangement of instrumentals, and a beat the keeps the acquired audience on their toes. Unquestionably a track that must be played at full volume to capture the full effect.

Listen to “Money” here.