Photo Credit: Kevin Condon

Colatura is a 4-piece indie band based out of New York City and is what resulted when an indie rock guitarist who had been playing in the Brooklyn DIY scene met a former child opera singer and classically trained pianist and they discovered that they had unexpected, killer musical chemistry.

Check “Sweet Misery” out HERE

Two years ago, Digo Degorio and Jennica Best met in a restaurant, both individually unclear on the direction they were headed musically, and discovered that their musical backgrounds had a lot to offer each other. Digo encouraged Jennica to pick up the bass guitar, Jennica’s Metropolitan Opera soloist father became Digo’s vocal teacher, and soon they were writing music together, taking influences from widely varying styles, from classical to 60s garage rock, to new wave and surf rock.  Digo discovered a love of opera. Jennica discovered a love of guitar pedals.  And this past spring, they roped in Meredith Lampe and Victor Donahue to round the band into a 4-piece.  

Colatura released their debut EP “Spring Drew Blood” in the spring of 2018.  It delivered four infectious tracks with cheerful melodies and jangly guitar licks that housed more honest, acerbic lyrics that explored death, depression, toxic relationships, anger, and self-doubt.  

After the release, Colatura immediately headed back into the studio to start working on new music.  They recorded a string of new singles, which continue their tradition of examining difficult topics set to endorphin-releasing effervescent melodies. 

“Machine,” the first and grittiest of their singles, was released in April 2019 and Under The Radar Magazine called it an “anthemic new single [that] features a galloping drum line that maintains the pulse under a layer of cleanly distorted guitars and richly melodic bass.”  The single was accompanied by a somewhat sinister music video with a retro feel that displays the disturbing monotony of a ‘Stepford Wives’-esque life, but with the aesthetic of a Wes Anderson film. 

Colatura has several additional new songs on the radar for 2019, so keep your eyes peeled for new tracks and upcoming live shows.