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Are you a melodic fusionist creatively aligned with the likes of The Roots, A Tribe Called Quest, or Digable Planets? Or let’s say you have an influential upbringing via both Prince and Motown. If that’s the case, you’ll want to check out Los Angeles based Alternative Rap artist Charles X and his latest Single release, “Prozac” from his debut upcoming album titled, EID².

Charles X’s erstwhile releases “Revolution and the Day After”(2015), “Sounds of the Yesteryear (2016), and “Peace(2017) legitimately solicits listeners with a powerhouse of progression that you’d sense would truly reciprocate the edgy inventiveness of an innovative West Coast Rap artist’s upbringing. Since releasing music, Charles X is well known for his soul infused sounds and has been savagely touring Europe, gaining him a substantial amount of international notoriety. Charles X’s catalogue can be streamed on both Soundcloud and YouTube. 

In a Hip Hop DX interview, Charles X said, “‘Prozac'” is a first glimpse of my animal side.” He goes on further to say that, “I wrote the song because a lot of people were thinking I was rich and famous because of all of the press and tours…This song and video, gives people a real look at a normal day in the life for me”. Charles X’s “Prozac” does this in a loftier sweltering Tech N9ne ish type style, as he vehemently volleys back and forth over the beat about the ins and outs of the who’s, what’s, when’s, and how’s of all that he is and hopes to be behind the mic. 

Its been a minute since any Rap acts have been brave enough to realistically take on the genres of Rock, Alternative, and Rhythm and Blues simultaneously, but by way of Charles X’s innovative approach to not just “Prozac” but all of his music, he really seems to pull it off.

There were a couple of groups I grazed through while looking for Urban tunes outside of their proposed genre like Charles X; I was awarded the findings of a couple of 90’s groups called Fishbone and Living Colour, along with the early 2000’s Sevendust. Charles X’s auditorial attitude and sonic demeanor delve decisively into the perceptible waves those aforementioned groups invented. Do yourself a favor if you approach music open-mindedly, preview Charles X’s entire musical archive including “Prozac.”

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