Chae Hawk

A native from Buffalo, NY, Chae Hawk first caught our eye with his freestyle about New Era Cap. “They reached out to me to represent the city. I was truly honored. I would love to have an exclusive partnership with them and be an official flag bearer for Buffalo. I’ve showed my allegiance to the new era flag while representing the hometown soil proudly.”

He first started taking music seriously when he saw the Deftones perform live. From that point on, Chae began performing in grimy bars, and pressing his material on disc at the age of 18.“ My very first independent show/release was at the Showplace Theater back in 2003. That got it popping,” he says.

As a director and co-producer of his music, he may not be behind the boards, but is always present. “I love collaborating with different minds.” One day he hopes to do a duet with the one and only Birdman. Aside from personal reasons, Chae says, “I respect his mind, business, power, and success.” In reference to doing the duet, he says, “I want to earn it and I want the opportunity to A&R the record. It’s Team Radio Baby!”

One of the best answers we’ve had so far when it came to the question: “Have you tried submitting your music to any record labels? Any luck?” was from Chae. His response? “I have sat down with a few in the past, but having the chance to grab their attention requires luck from the jump, right?” So true, why didn’t we think of that?


“Remember This Night,” was the most fun Chae has had when it came to producing a music video. “My dude Alex Amoling, was the first to give me true direction as an actor. It made me appreciate the art so much more.”

Chae has plenty of mixtapes out, but he admits that some are no longer available. Those who have been following him from the start, got a front seat to experience his evolution! “Exclusivity is important to me,” he says, “I want people to understand the resurrection of my new sound and direction.”

His song “Dirty Rich” captures his current state of interest, and the visual showcases his continuous infamous sticker campaign that he started back in 2008. “Dirty Rich” also acts as his personal love letter from Chae to the city of Buffalo, including those who mean the most to him. “[It’s] everything true to who and what I am. It showcases my continuous growth, and [how] nothing will hold me back from achieving my goal.”

He is also working hard at completing a short film series for his album, “Dance Party for the Heavy Hearted.” As for the future? Chae says he is looking forward to, “captivating audiences with an amazing live show performance [with] all my dudes present, family present, living just right [and] my way.”


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