Boston MA, April 17th, 2020: Boston-based music artist, vocalist, and producer, Caroline Guske, has just released her self-produced EP, Under The Ice. The indie, electronic pop inspired album has five tracks, and is available to stream and download on all platforms. A few of the songs from the album depict Caroline’s experience with mental illness, including the featured track entitled, “The Ice.”

Caroline began producing this album for her senior year capstone project at the Berklee College of Music. She knew that she wanted to self-produce an album of her own music, but when it came to picking the songs and concept, the project suddenly became a lot more personal.

Caroline decided upon choosing music that would center around a certain theme: her own experience with depression and anxiety. Two of the songs on the album (“The Ice” and “A.I.” in particular) are about just that:

“My perspective on it was: when you’re in that sort of mental state… that any mental illness can put you in, it kind of feels like you’re trapped. You can see everything outside going well, and it seems like everyone else is fine, and it’s hard for you to understand why you feel the way that you do. Why do you feel frozen and cold and trapped?”

Along with the album, Caroline has also released a music video for the featured track, “The Ice.” The video, set in a cold, barren woodland, translates complex feelings that can be brought on by mental illness into images.

“The whole image of me breaking out of that ice… in the music video, is symbolic of me breaking free from that dark period in my life.”

“My main goal for this album is to raise awareness (about) mental illness, because two of the songs on the album are about mental illness, and how it affects you in your daily life. I think it’s a good way for people, who maybe don’t know much about mental illness, to learn a bit about it.”

Having reached out for help in the past, Caroline strongly encourages her listeners to take care of themselves, and to speak out if they are not feeling alright:

“If you’re struggling with any type of mental illness, or even if you feel like something is just not quite right, there’s no shame in getting help for yourself. I promise that you will find people that will support you along the way.”

Listen to the album Under The Ice.