Carissa Leigh

Carissa Leigh

Originally from Calgary, Canada, Carissa Leigh has found her way making headlines in Nashville, Tennessee where she currently resides. “I always wanted to pursue a music career, but it took some time to make that dream come true.”

She tells us that growing up her main inspirations included Shania Twain (being that she is Canadian), Dolly Parton, and Tom Petty, “[but] there are just so many amazing artists who have inspired me in different ways,” she adds.

 When it comes to advice for other artists, Carissa tells us that it is important to have a few different skills. “Playing an instrument and writing, those are the things that will set you apart. Being a good singer will only get you so far.” We can easily say that Carissa has officially set herself apart, not only with her amazing lyrics, but her awesome music videos! Her most recent video that premiered just last week is called, “Bad Boy.” She commented on the production by saying, “I had so much fun, everyone was really cool.”

Before the release of the video, Carissa asked fans to create their own “Bad Boy” mug shot using UrTurn! Fans could easily create a fun mugshot that played along side the Bad Boy song. Needless to say, it was a hit! “There is definitely an amazing team behind me! I’ll come in with an idea or a song and my producer and the musicians will fill it out and make it so much better.”


Carissa’s most recent EP Not The Same Girl, plays on the idea of a country star just getting started, but never forgetting friends and family in the process. Some of you may or may not know that Carissa also has a little girl. “I am a huge believer in education,” she says, “I want her to have the best opportunities, but I also want to make sure that [other] kids get the same chance.” One of the songs on her EP, “Not The Same Girl,” touches on heartbreak and the process of getting over it. “One day you wake up and you don’t hurt anymore and you’re not the same person because of that experience.”

Currently Carissa is back in the studio in Nashville, doing shows, and maintaining the relationships with family and friends, all while following her motto, “Work hard, play hard, be nice, and live the kind of life Jesus would approve of.”