Cardiff Brothers

Cardiff Brothers

Written by Ashley Friedman

With inspirations from G-Eazy to Kanye West, The Cardiff Brothers have taken their music to the next level from when they first started in 2012.

Their most recent work, All From Home has received over 100k views on SoundCloud, and has climbed up to #28 on iTunes since its late September release. “It was pretty unreal to witness,” the guys comment, “it’s something you dream about, but to actually see it happen was crazy.”

Their very first performance was in Webster Hall’s Marlin room. It was here that The Cardiff Brothers made a goal for themselves to perform in the legendary Grand Ballroom one day.


“It was just really personal to us, we never really had much, so we don’t really need much, (we) see making it as being able to do what you love and live comfortably.”

At the end of September, The Cardiff Brothers started a campaign to release new music every week, and have lived up to their expectations with new releases every Friday since the announcement. “We do something every year on Jake’s birthday. Last year was the new album, this year we’re starting the campaign for the new album.”

You can expect their new music to be more mature and really hit close to home. “There’s a weird kind of pressure. Now there’s an album to compare to and we have expectations to live up to.”

When the boys aren’t recording you can expect them to be messing around rapping and singing at each other all the time. John comments, “I’m always mixing something or making beats so we’re pretty consistent.”

As up and coming musicians, the guys admit that it takes a lot of time, money, patience, long days and longer nights, “there’s no guide book,” they comment, “no one can teach you this shit… it takes trial and error and a lot of it.”

The Cardiff Brothers currently do not belong to a label, but are always looking. “(We) haven’t really found one that has caught our eye or shared the same vision.”

Label or not, you can expect an endless amount of music (including videos) from the guys. “There’s a lot of different music coming; party stuff, real shit, relationship talk, pop stuff.”

Often referring to their fanbase as Cardiff Nation, the brothers have gained an enormous following since releasing their first EP, and have only grown in popularity since.

“We live for this. We don’t need a crazy ass mansion and 8 cars, we just want to get to the point where we can do pretty much whatever we want with no worries and be able to support our family. Music will always be something we do.”

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