Bryce Vine

Bryce Vine

At 26, he’s earned a spot on Billboards Top 20 Emerging Artists to Watch, headlined for Big Sean, and has had one of his past works announced as the theme song for the Lebron James’ TV series on Starz. Now — Bryce Vine is ready to take over, once again, with his latest single The Thug Song.

His newest release is as satirical as it gets.“I actually wrote the song two years ago with the intention of making fun of myself in a clever and witty way,” Bryce says, “as I went on writing, I realized it was also a commentary on how we view rap culture in our society.”


According to Bryce, this is his most controversial and honest song yet. His lyrics are sharp and uncensored, and morphs any music guru’s criticism into appreciation.

“Do you really like rap or just crave the attention…” (The Thug Song) is a verse that hits home the most for Bryce. “It’s a fair question,” he says, “…I think a lot of artists, not just rappers, would struggle with the answer….” With this song, Bryce lays it all out on the line, “…fans like to feel that they really know what kind of person an artist is.”


The biggest challenge for Bryce is finishing songs in a timely manner. “I write almost all of it on my own,” he says, “…and it gets tough to come up with fresh new ideas sometimes.” However, even during those production times when Bryce is in the studio, he still manages to update people via social media. “(It) allows me to gain fans & exposure, but also helps me stay close to my followers on a personal level,” he continues “…social media is my number one outlet. I never imagined people could catch on (to my music) so fast. It’s awesome.”

As for the future, Bryce will be releasing new music towards the end of Summer, headlining at The Roxy in November and playing a few college shows over the next few months. Although he’s unsigned, his latest EP has been released through Rostrum Records. “I’m just excited to see what the future holds for me,” Bryce says, “I just want to tour the world, write good music, perform on the largest stages and be able to take care of the people I love – that’s when I’ve made it.”

The Thug Song isn’t available on iTunes as of yet, but you can listen via Spotify, Youtube & Soundcloud!

Check out The Thug Song music video here!

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