Written by Ashley Friedman

You know that person that for some reason, no matter how toxic they are, you keep crawling right back? If the answer is yes, the latest single “Love Me Like That” from Australia-based singer-songwriter, Brooklnn, will officially become the anthem for that no-good, but somehow addicting, relationship.

“I started this song last year with my friends in Stockholm (Sweden); producer Martin Eriksson (Capitol) and German artist Leony. We actually built the foundations of the song with Leony’s project in mind! But, I don’t think Leony felt inspired with the style of it at the time and we started something else for her. My gut told me to go back to this song later with Martin and I just poured my heart into it.”

– Brooklnn

“Love Me Like That” gives off a pop-reggae vibe. When you listen to the beat, you’ll notice how similar it is to something like Dua Lipa’s “New Rules.” It’s very electropop, it’s very mainstream and I really think that once this starts receiving radio play it’s going to blow up.

“…I was actually going back through my photos in my phone and I found a picture I took of Martin and Leony in the studio when we started the production idea and it was Valentines Day 2018! I think I was hoarding a bit of emotions still at that time and I’m glad Martin felt like there was something special about the song too. We ended up finishing a proper draft in August 2018 and then not long after in October, I found out I had to move back to Australia so I’ve just been waiting for the right time to release it.”

– Brooklnn

The storyline behind “Love Me Like That” reminds of Selena Gomez’s “Look At Her Now.” It’s an anthem for anyone who is working through that feeling of “being stuck” in a relationship because of the time and effort put into it. With verses at the beginning like “Silent / stubborn / we don’t know what we want, / but I’m thinking about you,” and “If it takes forever, / you and me, we make no sound,” brings to life the silent-toxicity of the relationship that in some way shape or form kept things “together.” The start of the chorus, “Love me like that, / love me like that / call it right back / ’cause we can’t let go,” follows through with the idea that letting go is one of the toughest things to do.

Lyrically, it’s about my ex that I was with (in Sweden). He and I became pretty toxic after her cheated and I ended up staying with him a couple of months longer. I feel like I ended up going a bit crazy after that, constantly questioning if he loved me. It was so up and down and unhealthy. But apart from the story line, I wanted this song to also be an anthem like ’Sorry’- Justin Bieber or ‘Wrecking Ball’- Miley Cyrus. A song you could potentially cry to, dance to, make love to. An “all the feels” song.

– Brooklnn

You may know Brooklnn’s music if you watch the Netflix series Quicksand; The singer’s previous single “Whip (Come Over)” was recently added into the show’s soundtrack. For anyone that loves those Queen B vibes, then you definitely have to check the song out. Her first single, “Brandy” currently has over 840,000+ streams in counting, and of course, there is her latest “Love Me Like That” which I think will be a solid contender against her previous works.

“I kind of want the listeners to feel empowered by it. To know that if you’re with someone and you keep questioning and wondering if they really love you. You gotta follow your gut otherwise your whole body will start to reject you. it’s amazing how our hearts know things before our heads! …. or if people just want to dance to it that is totally okay with me!”

– Brooklnn

“Love Me Like That” is the first independent release from Brooklnn as an unsigned artist. The singer-songwriter has done an amazing job promoting her new single from blog outreach to social posts and is truly a model independent musician that others in the industry could learn from. When asked about the experience of releasing her music as an unsigned artist vs. signed, the singer comments:

“I’ve learned that there [are] definitely certain things that are hard for me to grab hold of without the major connections.. like getting on commercial radio in Australia, for example, is pretty hard without having the major label backing you or millions of streams on Spotify. That is the ultimate goal eventually, but right now I just wanted to prove to myself that I don’t need to rely on people saying they can do this and that for me. It’s actually been so satisfying to know that I could do another 5 releases independently and I’m going to get more connections and experience each time I do it. GYROstream here in Brisbane has been excellent helping me get the song out and understand the strategy behind it all.”

– Brooklnn

I can confidently say that after listening to Brooklnn’s discography and seeing how she carries herself as an independent musician, that she is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry and it’s only a matter of time before she hits it big. Brooke, remember Elicit when you hit the top of the charts, we’re rooting for you!

Without further ado, I’m super pumped to release the official premiere of Brooklnn’s latest single, “Love Me Like That.” Listen below!

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