Island Pop Duo Brittany And The Blisstones Release New Single “Mermaid”

Island Pop Duo Brittany And The Blisstones Release New Single “Mermaid”

(Chico, CA) February 4, 2022 – Since 2018, Island Pop and singer-songwriters Brittany Bliss and Reid Givens have made a name for themselves as musicians, building an engaged fanbase organically and with their intimate live shows. First meeting at an open mic in Chico in 2017, where Brittany debuted as a solo artist, Reid spoke with her, and while brief, they made an instant connection and have been inseparable ever since.

Upon first listen, any listener will surely be wanting more. Their debut EP, La La Love, set for release on May 13, 2022, a musical exploration of Brittany and Reid’s relationship. “The concepts for the music revolve arounds the subjective experiences of being human: wisdom and growth, love, fear, perspective and agency, and inspiration,” shares Brittany.

Their indie and alternative pop is infused with an island vibe, using trumpets, ukuleles, and different chord progressions while Brittany’s vocals are similar to Sia meets Susan Tedeschi. Their first release “Mermaid,” out now, was the first song that Brittany ever wrote.

She’s always had a spiritual connection with the ocean, learning the lessons it has to offer. This seductive island and Jamaican inspired song is about the lessons that nature gives us and connecting with it and finding the wisdom that awaits us. It’s also about the importance and responsibility of continuing to nurture one’s own growth. It’s not just given although the Universe will never stop providing inspiration for growth.


The ocean is where Brittany found her own growth and hopes that “Mermaid” helps others grow too. The hypnotic harmonies between the lyrics, music, and vocals is truly unlike you’ll ever hear.

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