BLITZ VEGA (featuring Andy Rourke of The Smiths and KAV, formerly of Happy Mondays), have released a trippy, vibrant new music video for their song “Lost & Found,” directed by the group’s art director, former graffiti artist Paul Mulvey. The video follows the song’s release last month. In addition to the new video, Blitz Vega will also be releasing their brand new single “LA Vampire” next week on Halloween.


A kaleidoscopic acid trip, the video for “Lost and Found” features bright and bold colors/symbols flooding the screen against distorted footage of the band playing live. The digital montage fits the song’s message of hope perfectly, with the colors and special effects adding a euphoric vibe.

“We are living through chaotic times,” says KAV. “The confusion & uncertainty is unsettling. People are understandably disillusioned, angry & frustrated. The level of dysfunction & madness is apparent every time we read the papers, go online or turn on our TV’s. There is so much chaos. The hate preachers are gaining acceptance & there is uncertainty and toxicity in every day discourse which is affecting people’s every day lives. It’s a domino effect. But we have to be positive & find a way through.”

He continues, “The song and video are about us not letting it tear us apart. Not letting the madness get to us. We are stronger than that! Find joy & happiness & do good where we can; however small it seems, it all adds up. It’s about making the best of the good & bad times, because these are your times and you will never get them back.”