BLITZ VEGA (featuring Andy Rourke of The Smiths and KAV, formerly of Happy Mondays) are treating their fans this Halloween with a brand new single, “LA Vampire.” Following this week’s video release for “Lost and Found,” “LA Vampire” is driven by a non-stop psychedelic guitar riff, while KAV sings about the dangers of soul suckers preying on the weak. This track adds another sure-fire hit to the band’s steadily growing catalog. 


“LA is an incredible city… I love it with all my heart. It’s constantly evolving and a very different to the place I first arrived 12 years ago, but it always retains its unique charm,” says KAV. “There is something to say for the people who drop everything and leave their lives behind to move here, putting everything on the line to pursue something different from the norm.”

“The city has been a huge part of our bands musical journey,” continues KAV. “The experiences and inspiration it gave Blitz Vega when we first started this project was invaluable. The characters you meet, the chancers, the dreamers, the hustlers… you can lose your soul along the way. You can get bitten and have everything sucked from you in an instant… there are so many of those stories. But you’re always willing to keep getting up – because the love this city gives you back when things are good, it’s kind of worth it!”

“This song is a comedic look on the people who prey on others to give them their own power back, whether in love, the workplace or in the entertainment industry,” explains KAV. “You can bump in to these characters anywhere. They can fixate on you and try to take you away, add you to their collection of lost souls. This song is based on true stories… but don’t take it too seriously!”