Review by Jamie Glenn

Brooklyn singer songwriter Ben Rice comes in with a new chill, feel good track “The Getaway” that is perfect for any low-key jam session. This track would also sound perfect during the opening sequence of a romantic comedy; It’s light, has an ease to it and speaks of the happier side of love.

With acoustic influences that sound feel like Bon Iver and Iron and Wine. This track mirrors that of “The World Spins Madly On” by The Weepies with its deep intellectual lyrical moments sprinkled throughout the track. Opening moments like, “There goes my life / flowing like sand through the crippled hands. / Cut with a knife / taking back dreams they could never mend,” dives deep into a very intellectual, story driven, narrative track. Rice lets listeners know right off the bat that this first release is about to hit you right in the gut.

A raspy vocal delivery echoes throughout this track, it’s not apparent all the way, but it can often be heard at the end of each line giving Rice the sound of Country Crossover powerhouse Chris Stapleton, while still being chill like Brett Dennen.

“While I was recording ‘The Getaway’ my approach was to do the things musically that came most naturally to me, without questioning them. Production-wise, I knew I had to stay out of the way of the song,” says Ben Rice.

“Here comes the day / count all the nights when I felt that way / it’s such a state / rushing around you’re a little too late. / Now I’m on the edge, can’t change my mind / no you can’t change my pace / Get back to the race / it’s all stolen time here anyway,” are deeper complex moments in the track. The second half of the track is smooth, but can come off a bit repetitive and drawn out with “why honey / I thought this was the getaway,” but still gives a good overall vibe of the track.

“It was one of those songs and concepts that you have to write a few different times, a few different ways until you find the right way to encapsulate the idea behind it. When I finished writing it, I just felt like ‘Okay, now I’m making music again,'” comments Rice.

Sometimes after a long day at work, it’s nice to listen to some chill music, this first release from Ben Rice is the perfect track to have on when you want to relax and unwind. The elements of the track will appease listeners far and wide.

We can’t wait to see where Rice takes his sound from here. Rice has a lot to offer both instrumentally and lyrically, but he could go so many different ways. Rice is good for chill, everyday casual listening, but listeners may have a deeper connection with him once he releases a few more tracks.

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