Written by AZRIL

The Free Dictionary on the net defines Baer as a means for exploring what’s being heard. Consequently, singer and songwriter, Baer, delivers much for us to aurally discern on her latest independent release, “Needy Bih.”

BAER’s Taiwan and Canadian upbringing is what I’d call artistically stimulating roots.; it served as catalytic-like preparedness for a perspective destined to voyage beyond the surface cultures of her younger years. It wasn’t until 2016 after moving to L.A., that she incited true motion to a destined calling to craft music via singing, songwriting, and recording. The “Needy Bih” creative curator has crafted what seems to be a sort of Kiiara-sounding Alternative Asian Pop with countless singles, and EP’s.

“I was really inspired by Charli XCX’s mixtapes that came out that winter, especially ‘Pop 2’; I loved A.G. Cook’s hard cutting electronic sounds that really elevated the emotion of the pop ballads. I sent the demo over to my friend James (NVR YOU), who totally understood my vision and took the stems and did his magic.”

Based on the title alone “Needy Bih” is indeed what I’d call Alternative Trap with sounds like Halsey or Gia Woods. BAER blatantly bares it all romantically on “Needy Bih” over saucy waves of synth-inspired rhythms. She begins by singing about the take off her and her lover’s trip into amorous affairs saying, “First kiss, I incited it / First hit, yes I lighted it / But then you let me ride it / got excited, lost control…”

The Taiwan Alternative Trap singer BAER, sells you on just how much she has lost it by saying, “Text back no later than a minute, cuz I’m a Needy Bih.” It’s primitive passion pacified in millennial savvy linguistics at its best, and it fits right in with romantic empowerment prowess of Ariana Grande and Sia.

“Last Christmas my boyfriend had left to the east coast for Christmas and I was all alone in LA, getting really frustrated when he wouldn’t answer my texts right away. Feeling super charged up, I made a quick beat and wrote this song (which is why you can still hear my tag “Made In Taiwan” in the beginning)…” says BAER.

The production on BAERs “Needy Bih” is relentless, and the patient pain BAER seems to have cultivated, while being cultured toward making this single, pays off in her sonic fortitude. BAER seems to have covered all the details in the wave of both Alternative Pop and Trap with “Needy Bih,” and she flaunts it by way of its polished audial dynamics to its “knife on tongue” cover art.

For those that don’t know, a knife is a symbol for spoken truth, and that’s where the artistic value of BAER and “Needy Bih” may likely supersede her into the sharp shine of Pop mainstream. The cool thing about BAER is that she seems to be what I’d call “creatively intelligent”; she takes the time to truly learn what’s expected of her by today’s Alternative Pop and Trap enthusiasts alike. I added BAER’s new Single “Needy Bih” to my music library once I heard it, and my guess is that once the masses find out about it, they’ll do the same.

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