Bad Business released their debut five-track EP, “Day Job Guys” today! The EP brings back a retro and upbeat sound that will capture the attention of any listener.

The opening track “Day Job Guys” has a contagious beat that is prominent throughout the song. Alex, the lead singer, has an incredible voice that instantly draws the listener into the track. This song brings to light the stress that day jobs have on many businessmen, and how their lives may not be as exciting as they could be. One line reads “Day job guys hiding bloodshot eyes in the morning.” The vocals flow with the instrumentals forming a chill vibe to this track, and the rest to follow.

The high energy and true passion in Alex’s voice is prominent throughout the EP, keeping the listener engaged and eager for each song. The positivity of the beat is apparent in the song “Turn It On (check out our official review here).” The song begins with the smooth sound of the guitar and soft vocals that flow into a perfectly arranged soft rock melody. The saxophone kicks in towards the second half of the song, which continues to give the song a flash of energy and style. The lyrics are empowering, which remind the listener to focus on having more of a positive outlook on life. For example, one line reads, “It’s a brand new day/you got to find your way.” The smooth vocals ride along the up-tempo beat. One line reads, “Just break away from that familiar way,” which is telling the listener to let go of their familiarities and step outside of their comfort zone.

The band takes things down a notch with the song “Keep Me in Your Heart.” “No matter where you go or who you come to know just keep me in your heart.” Alex’s open and honest lyrics keep the listener engaged and force them to feel his words.

“Prophets in the Sand” is the perfect ending to this beautifully constructed EP. This track is 8 minutes and 6 seconds of pure relaxation vibes and smooth sounding melodies. The track has incredible instrumentals, reminding me of Chicago’s outstanding horn section. The instrumentals and the smooth, relaxing melodies slowly eases the listener out of the song, ending the EP end leaving the listener wanting more.

Overall, “Day Job Guys” truly brings back a retro-esc sound, making it quite a unique EP to hit the airwaves.

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