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Battle rappin’ modes essential to the essence of Rap as a genre, culture, and evolutionary influencer. Such truly is the vehicle by which Hip-Hop has evolved from a way of life into the most powerful genre of music on our planet. For that reason, it just feels right to hear the empowerment of battle rap within Rap music itself, and that is exactly what can be heard when listening to Angel Carter’s Rap Single release, “Etch a Sketch feat. Cassidy.” 

“Etch a Sketch” is the debut release from Angel Carter. Carter’s sound & career mode is definitely as underground as the impeding insistence vibing throughout his debut single can get.This track, however, features a name that’s not new to Rap fans: Cassidy. Cassidy rose to fame in 2005 with his Swizz Beats produced & Jay-Z sampled hit, “I’m a Hustla.” The track shot to number five on the US Top 200 Billboard chart, and showed promising stay power for Cassidy as an up and coming rap star. Cassidy’s lyrical precision make him a promising addition to Angel Carter’s razor sharp rhymes and DaRock’s head nod savvy production on “Etch A Sketch.” Angel Carter’s debut single can be streamed on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music. 

Menacing horns, not to be out done by sinister toned snares, score the production by 

Duane DaRock’s production on “Etch a Sketch.” All the while, Angel & Cassidy “draw lines” scripting a dazzling, decisive, and definitively lit cypher that decorate a sick pic of what real Hip-Hop emceeing should be about. Stand out stanzas like “you gotta respect the best, (so) you ain’t gotta like me,/ (but) you’ll likely get ya a** kicked, if you try to fight me…/ I got this chic worth 20 M’s tryna Skype me, / but I don’t waste time, I just want the face time…” showcase authentic 90’s Hip-Hop fervor for Rap’s new age by way of two tremendously underrated emcees on Angel Carter’s debut release. 

“Etch a Sketch” is truly good. The only issue is whether or not the masses of fans of the art will truly hear it. It’s not so much the kind of hearing, where you put your ears to the speakers to catch every single detail of true lyrical mastery. I mean hearing in the generic sense, where Rap fans find out that a dope single like Angel Carter’s “Etch a Sketch” has been released.

People, there are lots of Rap fans out here, as there are lots of rappers. It all testifies to how triumphant the journey of Rap music truly is, but every accolade accompanies a downside. With so many rappers, there are only so many listening slots that Hip-Hop fans can actively tune into on a consistent basis. Hopefully, that won’t equate to Angel Carter’s efforts on “Etch a Sketch” as lackluster in anyway, shape, or form. Angel and his team definitely drew up a Hip-Hop gem for a truly lit debut single. Check it out!

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